2016 Events/Photos

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MIT Campaign for a Better World - Dec 14, 2016 (photos)

Dinner Talk by Prof. Robert Langer - Nov 16, 2016 (photos) 

MIT Software to embrace computational thinking in Hong Kong primary schools.

CoolThink@JC Launch Ceremony at Hong Kong Jockey Club - Nov 15, 2016 (photos) 

CoolThink@JC, a four-year initiative of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, was launched on Nov 15 to empower the city's primary school teachers and students with computational thinking skills, including coding.  The ceremony was officiated by the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong SAR, John Tsang (MIT '73), followed by a panel discussion chaired by Margie Yang with MIT Chancellor, Prof. Eric Grimson and local university educators.  MIT App Inventor and Scratch educational software tools will be used in the education program.  Course 6 Prof. Hal Abelson is MIT's principal investigator for CoolThink@JC.

Annnual BBQ with Prof. Charlie (Fine + Sodini) @ HK Country Club - Nov 10, 2016 (photos) 


Maxim Cake Factory Tour - Oct 15, 2016 (photos) 

Thirty alumni and guests joined the "insider" factory tour of the Maxim's Cake Factory in Tai Po on Oct 15.  The host gave us a good overview of how Maxim's grew from one restaurant in the 1950's into today's multi-national corporation, and how the Maxim's group leads the cake industry in Hong Kong using advanced technology and processes. After putting on white gowns and passing through sterilization chambers, the group toured the multi-floored facility where cakes are baked 7x24 for the Maxim's, Arome and Starbucks in Hong Kong.  The tour was topped with a scrumptous tasting of all kinds of freshly made cakes, muffins and sandwiches!  We thanked David Wu '90 for arranging this wonderful VIP insider tour for our fellow alumni.

Visit to Blueprint - Swire's B2B Tech Accelerator (Sloan Alumni Event) - October 6, 2016 (photos)

2016 Annual General Meeting Dinner Talk by Dr. Victor K. Fung '66 - Sep 7, 2016 (photos) 

On 7th September sixty-five alumni and guests gathered together for our Annual General Meeting Dinner at The Hong Kong Club. Louis Chong (President) and Kelly Chan (Treasurer) presented an overview of the club events/activities and financials for the past year.  We were privileged to have our distinguished alumnus and club advisor, Dr. Victor K. Fung '66, to be our speaker.  Dr. Fung inspired all of us on how Hong Kong and Shenzhen, pulling our strengths together, can power advancements in innovations and entrepreneurship for the Pearl River Delta and China in the years ahead, and play a key role in the "One Belt One Road" initiative. We deeply thanked Dr. Fung for his support to MIT and our local alumni club over the years!

Summer celebration with MISTI, Innovation Node and New Student Send-off Party - Aug 4, 2016 (photos) 

88 attendees joined our summer celebration reception where over 40 alumni met with 30+ MIT students in the MISTI-China/IROP programs and 10 Hong Kong local university students who participated in the Innovation Node Kickstart program.  There was great student sharing of their experiences in the Innovation Node program and MISTI internships in many areas: CETI workshops on OpenCourseWare, product development, entrepreneurship at universities in Greater China, the pilot Samuel Tak Lee-MISTI China Social Responsible Real Estate Entrepreneurship & Urbanization Initiative, the Fung Foundation research internships at universities in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, the Prototype to Production Shenzhen project, the Leaders for Global Operations 6-month MBA thesis internships at Li & Fung, and the China Finance Internship at Sinolink Securities Shanghai.  The MIT Club of Hong Kong also hosted our annual new student send-off party and we offered our warmest wishes to two Class of 2020 students and a new MIT post-doc from Hong Kong.  The event was terrific and it felt like a successful "opening" of a new show with all the students, alumni, internship hosts and MIT staff there.  The room was abuzz with conversations.  We thanked Sean Gilbert, Director of MISTI-China, and Brian Yen, Marina Chan, Angel Lai from the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node team for co-hosting this wonderful event with the MIT Club of Hong Kong!

"Unleash Your Inner Company" Dinner Talk by MITAA President, John Chisholm - June 28, 2016 (photos) 

We were excited to have the MIT Alumni Association president, John Chisholm '75 76G, visited Hong Kong on June 28.  With over 30 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, John shared with us a systematic approach on how to discover new ideas and launch new business from his latest book "Unleash Your Inner Company".  John also gave us an update on MIT and the Alumni Association.  We thanked John for his inspiring talk and encouragement to the local alumni community.  In addition, the newly appointed MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node Director, Brian Yen, joined us and gave a summary of the inaugural Kickstart program (June 5-11) and the Node's upcoming plan.

Dinner with Prof. John Fernandez '85 (MIT Department of Architecture) - June 20, 2016 (photos)

The Club hosted a dinner for Course 4 Professor John Fernandez '85.  Twelve Club directors, alumni, parents and an incoming Freshmen joined the dinner at Shanghai Jade.  John shared with us his research on Building Technology and Urban Metabolism.  He is the current Director of MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiatives.  John also serves as housemaster of Baker House and he shared information about MIT student life and culture.  We all enjoyed the informative and yet relax discussions in a nice dinner setting.

Dinner with Prof. Meejin Yoon (Head of MIT Department of Architecture) - June 10, 2016 (photos) 

Following the inaugural (Course 4) MITArchA HK happy hour drinks hosted by Arthur ('66) and Sean Kwok ('97 & '01), 10 alumni and family members enjoyed a cozy dinner in the company of Professor Meejin Yoon, Head of Department of Architecture at MIT.  Meejin shared about the recent development of the department and the industry, as well as life on campus as a faculty with a young family. Warmest congrats to MITArchA for the inaugural event and look forward to more regular get-togethers to come.


EmTech Hong Kong + Innovation Node Launch - June 7-8, 2016 (photos) 


Ivy GALAXY BALL - June 4, 2016 (photos) 

May the Force be with you! The 2016 Ivy Galaxy struck again and delighted with feverish music, rocking tunes, moonlight dancing and a daring does of debauchery amongst the Star Dust. A prize for the best dressed wasn’t on the cards, but our friends and guests definitely added some Big Bang pizzazz to their black tie best! More than 800 people Hong Kong based alumni from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Upenn, Princeton, Yale and MIT gladly threw on their glam for the occasion.  The entire HK MIT alumni board of directors turned up in support of the ball and the co-chairs that hosted from both Cornell and MIT! What a memorable evening!


Welcoming the Hong Kong Innovation Node students from MIT - June 3, 2016 (photos) 

Club advisors and officers welcomed the first batch of Hong Kong Innovation Node students from MIT with a Dim Sum breakfast after arrival and dinner.


Visit to Modern Terminals - May 14, 2016 (photos) 

40 alumni and family members visited the Modern Terminals hosted by Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Frank Jensen. Mr. Jensen talked about the history and recent development of the industry and how Hong Kong stays competitive among the rises of large ports in the region. We visited the control tower and got a bird's eye view of the terminal, containers and heavy machinery.  The container trucks moved slowly like "Tomica" toy cars in the terminal and all kids (and adults too!) enjoyed the visit very much.  We thanked our Club Advisor Steve Ushiyama for making this visit possible.

Fireside Chat with Tian Yongchun of MITIMCo - May 02, 2016 (photos) 

Around 30 alumni and friends attended a dinner talk by Tian Yongchun, Global Investment Staff of MIT Investment Management Company (MITIMCo) at the Chariot Club.  Yongchun gave an overview of the MITIMCo organizational structure and explained its value investing philosophy and investment process. The returns earned on MIT’s investments support a wide array of academic and research activities.  The presentation was very informative and the audience asked many good questions.  It was a nice evening of gathering with fellow alumni and learning more about MIT.

MIT Sloan 5 Happy Hour - April 22, 2016 (photos) 

Around 10 alumni joined the Sloan 5 Happy Hour at the Isola Bar and Grill in IFC Mall on April 22.  It was a nice evening of catching up and meeting new friends.

Poker Tournament - April 16, 2016 (photos)

On April 16th, the  MIT Sloan Alumni Group organized the First Annual Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament.   Eleven alumni and friends came to show off their poker skills and poker faces.  It was an intimate and invigorating gathering punctuated with laughter and cheer.  Although no actual money was involved, everybody still strove for glory and bragging rights.   After nearly 4 hours of wheeling and dealing, a winner finally emerged to take this year’s trophy -  that is until someone else takes the crown next year. 

Startup Fair at Cocoon - April 07, 2016 (photos)

On April 7, MIT Sloan Alumni Group organized a joint school event along with alumni clubs of Harvard, Stanford and Wharton at Cocoon. The event attracted more than 110 investors and entrepreneurs, with 23 MIT alumni and friends joining us for the evening. 8 startups founded by alumni of the four universities exhibited their business ideas prior to the official event. At the “fireside chat”, founders of WeLab, Meitu, JustBB and Global Education Learning shared with us their successful stories in China and how to build up their ventures from scratch. The room was filled with strong entrepreneurial spirit and many attendants made new and meaningful connections for their businesses. 

New Admits Welcome Reception - March 22, 2016

The Education Council Regional Chair and Vice Chair, Hong Kong MIT parent coordinator, Club Advisors and Directors welcomed three new admits (Class of 2020) and their parents in an afternoon tea reception.  It was great to see "The Next Generation" and shared our MIT experiences with them!


Visit to Blueprint - Swire's B2B Tech Accelerator (Sloan Alumni Event) - March 17, 2016 (photos)

Over 50 alumni, friends and guest speakers attended the "Swire’s B2B Tech Accelerator" event organized by the MIT Sloan Alumni Group. The event was hosted by Blueprint, Hong Kong’s first B2B tech accelerator founded by Swire Properties. The Head of Accelerator for blueprint kicked off the event and gave us an overview of the accelerator. Five of blueprint’s portfolio companies then presented to the audience their business ideas. They include data analytics tools for ecommerce merchants, enterprise social medium tools, and IoT solution to improve carpark congestion. The audience showed significant interests as we always ran out of time for Q&A after each presentation. Many alumni continued the discussion with the startups in the post-event networking session.

FinTech Dinner Talk by Simon Loong - March 7, 2016 (photos)

Toast to IAP and "Hong Kong Innovation Node" Dinner Talk by Prof. Charlie Sodini - January 21, 2016 (photos)



Sixty-five alumni & friends, students & parents attended the traditional MIT Toast to IAP event on Jan 21, 2016.  Dr. Victor Fung '66 joined us in the Toast and gave introductory remarks to the event.  Prof Sodini spoke about the Hong Kong Innovation Node and the launch preparation progress.  MISTI China Director, Sean Gilbert, and four MIT students shared with us their MISTI engagements over the IAP period.  Angus Lai, our Club scholar, talked about his studies at MIT and thanked all the alumni for their support.  Prof. Vincent Chan of EECS and two early-admitted students from Class of 2020 also joined our dinner.  It was a enjoyable evening with good interactions and catch-ups among the alumni, faculty and friends!